How to repair armor in Grounded

How to become invincible in Grounded

In Grounded, your armor degrades over time any time it takes damage. And if you let it get too low, the armor will break like any other useful item. That means you need to repair armor in Grounded from time to time. And since some of the rare armors are rather hard to craft, this is a very good idea. So here’s a quick guide on how to do that.

The first component you need to repair armor in Grounded is Armor Glue. The Glue is consumed by the repair process, and it takes extra resources to craft.

There are two types of Armor Glue that you will need. Certain higher-tier armor sets, like the Bee Armor, will need the more powerful Super Armor Glue. Whenever you attempt to repair a piece of armor, it will tell you what kind you need, make sure you use the recipes below to get the glue you need. Most of the basic armor types in Grounded will require one unit of glue per each repair cycle. Here are the materials you need to craft these repair kits:

Armor glue

  • Three mite fuzz
  • Two sap
  • One woven fiber
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Super armor glue

  • One berry leather
  • Four spider silk

You will need a workbench to make all of this work. All you have to do once you use the workbench to make the glue, is to right-click the pieces of armor you want to repair in your inventory. Each time you repair a piece of armor it will consume one unit of the correct glue. Click on the item and it should show a “Repair” option in the drop-down menu. Clicking that will bring it back to full health,

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