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Final Fantasy 14 housing plots being increased, finally

How to buy a house in Final Fantasy XIV
  • 720 more housing plots will be added to the game, along with apartment buildings

Final Fantasy 14 housing plots have been a problem in the game for years. Players have often had to race one another to grab up an open plot in one of the game’s housing zones, leading to major shortages and increases in prices. With the next patch to the game though, this will be a little less annoying.

Three more housing wards will open in the four neighborhoods, complete with subdivisions. This will add 720 plots per server. This is different from the previous patch, which also expanded housing one key way. The last patch didn’t open up the new houses for public consumption immediately. This latest batch of houses will not be limited to relocations and free companies.

Players looking to grab a new home will still have to be quick though, as these plots will be snapped up fast. To get one of the current slots, you usually have to camp out a spot that’s about to be abandoned to try and snipe the buyout price, or just wait until more wards are added to the servers. More insidious players began selling houses for real money at one point, and Square Enix had to step in, adding a random timer to housing plot sales that the player couldn’t predict, making it easier to snipe a listing if you timed it right. Although this was intended to foil RMT, it really only added to frustration when buying a house in the game. This was especially true when timers bugged out and didn’t expire properly, leading to some houses being stuck in limbo.

If you want to drop in and buy Final Fantasy 14 housing plots with patch 5.35, you better be ready to run to the new wards. You also need to have the Gil ready, as it’s first come, first served. The exact date and time for the patch’s launch has yet to be announced, but players are banking n the next couple of weeks.

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