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The “Trollceptor” SOV Reaction

A lot of people are overreacting about the usage of the Entosis Link in the upcoming SOV changes.  CCP want so encourage more small gang warfare in Null, and they want to make it easier for smaller groups to take and hold SOV, while also making it difficult to have the hug cold war power blocs we do now.

A lot of people are speculating on the usage of the Entosis Link being fit to Interceptors and other small stealth craft being used to effectively;y harass SOV during the PT window.  If I read the blog ocrrectly, the implication is that rather than damaging the structure with guns as we do now, Links will erode the digital defenses of the target and flip it.  Effectively we will be hacking SOV structures.

Now let’s think about how hacking is currently represented in EVE mechanics.  Small exploration fit frigates hacking into cargo containers and small databank structures, which due to their limited status have only meager defenses against a determined capsuleer.  To me, the Entosis Link and SOV structures represents a much more complex hack by comparison.

The SOV structures would be designed from a lore standpoint to have safeguard against all but the most complex attacks backed by powerful computer systems aboard much more complex ships.   This would justify a change limiting the use of Entosis links to larger ships,  But lets assume that things don’t go that far.

There are any number of possible fixes that prevent SOV trolling via swarm tactics.  Reductions in movement speed, disabling other modules, adding cap drain, etc.

The other common counter to this point is to simply consolidate into smaller amounts of territory.  The biggest issue here is that economics of Null are still horrendously unbalanced.  There is little reason to hold SOV on a large scale aside from moon goo and other large scale operations.

See my SOV revamp idea post for my theory crafting on the topic of fixing SOV from an economics standpoint.

This trolling idea if it does come to fruition would allow for small but organized groups of pilots to generate timers against an entrenched foe.  But holding the SOV would be a different story.  A rotating door effect comes to mind if the mechanic is as broken as some say it is.  For me, this is a good thing.  EVE thrives on letting new players experience and enjoy all aspects of the game.  And losing some SOV here or there would be a good thing for the future of the game.

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