How to fast travel in Outward

How to fast travel in Outward

Fast travel in Outward is something new, added in the Soroboreans DLC, which players really wanted. Since the game came out gamers have wanted a means to move around the map easier. They finally have it with the new expansion adding the Antique Plateau and the Soroboreans company. This trading company even has a caravan system, and this is how you’re going to get around from now on.

The world of Aurai is filled with danger. Having to dodge all the undead, ghosts, golems and other beasts as you travel around was really perilous. The addition of Soroborean Caravaneers makes it much easier to move around now. Players won’t have to worry about using their own two feet to get around when they have a whole caravan system to enable fast travel in Outward.

Outward as an RPG is not a tale about being the grand hero, so you have slog through the mud with all the others in the massive open-world game. You’re just a normal person trying to get by and fast travel makes that a bit easier.

How to use the Soroborean Caravaneer to fast travel

The new area in The Soroboreans DLC, the Antique Plateau, is actually a completely separate zone within the game. It’s not even technically directly connected to the main zones of the world. You need to use the Caravaneers to get into the new zone. You will need to use 200 Silver and some rations, traded to the Soroborean Caravaneers, to be able to move around. Once you do though, they can take you anywhere.

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Soroborean Caravaneers will also appear randomly throughout all major regions in the game. You can also find them in the main city of the new zone. They can enable you to jump around to any city in the game, in either region of the game post-DLC. The trouble is, first you have to find the Soroborean Caravaneers to use fast travel.

There are no surefire ways to get the Soroborean Caravaneer to spawn yet. If you load into an area, the spawns for the Soroborean Caravaneers are set at that time. Or at least it seems that way, some players report that it might be possible to force a spawn by going to nearby area, pausing and resuming the game, then coming back to the area you were in previously.

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