Where to find a heavy sniper in Fortnite

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Fortnite’s wide array of weapons is a huge part of the game. Going around and gathering loot to help your chances in combat is a big deal. Players need to get better weapons if they hope to surive, and this hunt makes the game tense and tons of fun.

With the return of the Heavy Sniper, one of the coolest and most versatile weapons comes back to Epic’s flagship title. The Heavy Sniper is bascially a one-shot kill most of the time in Fortnite, as it unleashes 200 damage most of the time. It can be a clutch way to take out an opposing player or team. You can get it pretty easily, as long as you know what to do. To get your hands on a heavy sniper in Fortnite, here’s what you need to do.

Where to find a heavy sniper in Fortnite

The heavy sniper is best obtained as a bounty hunter weapon. There’s a new task this week you need to use to get it, but it can be kind of difficult to get. Unfortunately, there’s no exact location you can get a heavy sniper from in Fortnite right now. So that means you’re stuck buying it from various vendors. You will need to complete NPC bounties to get your hands on Gold Bars, and you’re going to have to do this a few times.

You can most reliably get the heavy sniper available for purchase for Gold Bars from vending machines around various POIs. Try parachuting into the Daily Bugle ruins and look there for a machine with it in stock. if you can’t find it there, you need to complete bounties and check around the map.  There is an NPC that will sell a Heavy Sniper Rifle, but it’s also pretty rare. It would seem that one NPC works best for this, The Imagined. You can find this in a few locations, and one is right by the Bugle ruins. Use the map below to see where the NPC can spawn.

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Where to find a heavy sniper in Fortnite

If you can manage to find them, you can pay 200 Gold Bars to get your own Heavy Sniper in Fortnite. From there, you can put it to use finishing off the Week 5 quests.

You also need to recover a data drive in Fortnite. But first, you will need to first establish a device uplink near the Daily Rubble. That’s the part of the new multi-phase quests this season, and Epic is sure to add more as time goes on. Also, be sure to grab the Week 5 seasonal quests as well.

Players will have to blast their way around the map and take out both NPCs and other players to finish all of the Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2 Week 5 quests. This just getting started, as the war against IO and other threats continue. The total to be earned for completing them all is pretty hefty, at 140,000 XP.

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