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GTA Online update adds Trap Door mode

GTA V Trap Door Mode

The GTA Online update for this week has landed, bringing with it a new game mode, as well as other goodies. Things like Double RP and GTA$ are up for grabs in these new events too.

The flagship feature this week is a new Adversary game mode called Trap Door. It’s essentially the GTA Online attempt at a Battle Royale mode, and it sees participants stranded on a shrinking floating platform above the Pacific. Various weapons are strewn over the arena, and each player killed will be teleported to the “Red Zone”. The Red Zone will permanently eliminate any players trapped within after a few seconds, so you have mere moments to escape before being obliterated.

As with other weekly events a variety of in-game vehicles are on discount for up to 25% off. The Vapid Caracara, Coil Cyclone, Declasse Hotring Sabre, Vulcar Fagaloa, Vapid GB200, Lampadati Viseris, and Ubermacht SC1 are all on sale for the week.

The full list of discounted items through May 21 are as follows:

  • Executive Office Garages – 30 percent off
  • Mammoth Hydra – 40 percent off (Buy It Now and Trade Price)
  • Declasse Hotring Sabre – 25 percent off
  • Vapid GB200 – 25 percent off
  • Vulcar Fagaloa – 25 percent off
  • Ubermacht SC1 – 25 percent off
  • Coil Cyclone – 25 percent off
  • Lampadati Viseris – 25 percent off
  • Vapid Caracara – 25 percent off
  • All ammo (including Mk II) – 25 percent off
  • All Assault Rifles – 25 percent off
  • All Sniper Rifles – 25 percent off
  • All Shotguns – 25 percent off
  • Doomsday Heist tattoos – 25 percent off
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Finally, this week’s Premium Race is Trench II (locked to Muscle) and the Time Trial has you tackling Up Chiliad.

GTA Online is part of Grand Theft Auto V, which is available now for PC, PS4, Xbox One and last-gen consoles. Although this GTA Online event is not available for PS3 or Xbox 360.

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