Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous: Where To Find Assassin’s Guild

Remove conditions in Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous

Hidden locations and side quests to explore a zone are very common in RPG releases. The new release of the Pathfinder series, Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous, has its own twists and turns. You take on a specific companion quest for Greybor, the Dwarf Slayer. You need to help uncover some secretive plot to frame the Dwarf for a huge crime. The quest involves visiting a certain location and uncovering clues.

Where To Find Assassin’s Guild

To progress the quest, you need to find and enter the Assassin’s Guild. This seems to be hard to find for some players.

To find this location, head to the Middle City and look for the Ten Thousand Delights. You can get here from the Upper City, heading down the stairs as soon as you enter the Middle area. Head down the end of the road and you will find a portal. Walk forward and off the ledge. Progress forward and eventually, you will see a doorway that says “Into The Assassins’ Guild”.

Once you get inside the real quest begins. You have a choice for how to help Greybor. It’s either letting him join the guild, or usurping the current leader.

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What to do about the Demoness?

If you rush in and don’t bother negotiating with the Demoness, you will be locked out of joining the guild. Greybor must join the guild by making peace with the demoness Horzalah, and this will trigger a reputation game with the companion. If you instead choose to engage the demoness in combat, you can get another reward. Beating her will spawn Yozz, and you can loot her for two powerful +5 daggers.

One is called Merciful Fate, the other is called Cruel Fate. Cruel Fate will proc a Fortitude save on an attack, on a failure, a target becomes vulnerable to Piercing damage. This is great for any builds that scale this damage type. If you can further inflict Bleeding, Merciful Fate comes into its own. Merciful Fate deals 4d6 Piercing as extra damage on a Bleeding target. It’s a huge buff for some builds.

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