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Cracking Relics in Warframe – A Guide

Warframe Guide to Cracking and Refining Void Relics

With the recent drop of more Prime variants, namely Ivara Prime and the two new weapons Baza and Aksomati Prime, there’s been a new spike of interest in Void Relics. These randomized loot chests are farmed through endgame missions in Warframe, and then have to be “Cracked” through a certain process. So without wasting any time, let’s explain how to Crack Void Relics in Warframe.

How to Crack Void Relics

Void Relics are cracked by completing the randomly spawned Void Fissure missions. Check the Star Chart and choose the Void Fissure heading to see which Fissures have spawned. At most times, one or two Void Fissure missions are available for each of the four tiers of Void Relics.

Loot within Void Relics operates under a rarity classification: Common, Uncommon or Rare. Obviously, the Rare components have the lowest drop chance. There are usually six items in each Void Relic, so there’s a bit of luck-based RNG involved.

Void Relics also have their own rarity tiers: Intact, Exceptional, Flawless and Radiant. Each class has different loot drop chances as well. Generally speaking, new players should save their Relics until they have enough to crack for what they want. Use the Warframe Wiki to search through the different types of frames for one you want. Alternatively, check out our own Warframe Guides for details on some of the best ones in the game.

Players can undertake two sets of missions when it comes to Void Fissures. The normal (non-Endless) variants will spawn a normal set of mission objectives, and then the player will need to collect 10 Reactant as well. Reactant must be collected by killing Corrupted enemies in the mission itself. These spawn at special portals that are created along the mission path, for easy access. to the Corrupted units.

Endless missions operate in a slightly different way. Each time a reward interval is passed, assuming the player has collected enough Reactant, they can Crack a Relic. The reward intervals per mission type are as followed:

  • Defense: 5 waves
  • Disruption: 1 round
  • Interception: 1 round
  • Survival: 5 minutes
  • Excavation: 200 Cryotic

If players choose to complete an interval and continue, certain bonuses can be unlocked. Players in Warframe can apply these bonuses during the same mission they receive them.

  • Every time you open a Relic, you get a predetermined booster. These boosters stack the longer you stay.
    1. The first interval: 1.25x Affinity.
    2. The second interval: 1.25x Credits.
    3. The third interval: 1.25x Resources.
    4. The fourth interval: 1.25x Resource Drop Rate.
    5. The fifth interval: a random Exceptional Relic (that can be used in the same mission).
    6. The sixth interval: 1.5x Affinity (replaces first).
    7. The seventh interval: 1.5x Credits (replaces second).
    8. The eighth interval: 1.5x Resources (replaces third).
    9. The ninth interval: 1.5x Resource Drop Rate (replaces fourth).
    10. The tenth interval: a higher tier random Flawless Relic (that can be used in the same mission).
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If the Void Relic is cracked and the mission successfully completed, it’s time to divide the spoils. The player who Cracks a Relic will then get to choose a random reward. This reward is independent of your teammates rewards. However, players can choose to keep a reward from another Relic belonging to any other player, not just their own Relic. This means that a total of four rewards will be offered up for grabs with a full team.

And yes, you should always crack as part of a team, as it often improves rewards.

Basics of Refining

Refining is the process of improving a Void Relic. This is best done with higher-value Relics, especially when farming the rarest Prime drops.

The big limitation to refining all of your Relics is two-fold. For one thing, the opportunity cost (the value of spending time on one activity compared to another) of some Relics makes them less worth Cracking in general. These are usually the Void Relics which contain the most sought after Prime parts. Or during periods where DE unvaults a set of Relics, players will often target farm those with refining and normal farming tactics.

The second limitation to Refining is Void Traces. These are a special currency that is earned either through completing Void Fissures, or as a bonus when a player chooses your reward when cracking Relics. Void Traces are used via the Orbiter’s Relic Segment to upgrade a single relic from “Intact” to “Exceptional” (25 traces), “Flawless” (50 traces), or “Radiant” (100 traces).

Use the table below to compare the drop chances from each of the four classes of Relic.

Quality Common Uncommon Rare
Intact (default) 76% (25.33%) 22% (11%) 2%
Exceptional 70% (23.33%) 26% (13%) 4%
Flawless 60% (20%) 34% (17%) 6%
Radiant 50% (16.67%) 40% (20%) 10%
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