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How to get Seriglass Shard in Warframe

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Serigalss Shard is a very rare resource in Warframe. And unlike most other crafting resources, it cannot be farmed directly. You have to trade these blasted Tokens for the shard instead. You need to trade 20 Grandmother Tokens to Grandmother inside the Necralisk to get one unit of Serigalss Shard. Grandmother Tokens are exchanged from other family tokens, so you’re going to be putting some work in.

What is Seriglass Shard used for?

Seriglass Shard is used to make some weapons in the game, and is also required as a sacrifice to hit the final rank of the Entrati Syndicate. The Seriglass Shard is used in the Foundry recipe for the Sepulcrum secondary weapon, Quassus melee weapon, and Trumna. This goes along with other weapons like the Keratinos Blade and Gauntlet in the expansion.

All of the family tokens can be turned in for standing to Grandmother. Every token except for Son and Grandmother tokens can be exchanged for 100 Standing. Son Tokens can be exchanged for 500 Standing, and Grandmother tokens can be exchanged for 1500 Standing.

How to get a Grandmother Token

There are multiple different rarities and tiers of Token in the Necralisk, with each one having its own worth in Standing.

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To get Grandmother Tokens normally, you would have to trade in 1,000 Standing worth of other Tokens to Grandmother. You will have to complete Bounties and tasks until you get to the rank of  Acquaintance with the Entrati Syndicate. Here are the basics of Tokens, which can be traded in for Standing:

  • Otak Tokens – exchange gems and alloys obtained through mining for these tokens – 100 Standing
  • Mother Tokens – completing bounties for Mother – 100 Standing (this is by far the best Token to spend on upping your Standing)
  • Father Tokens – can be earned by trading assorted resources found on Cambion Drift to Father under the Parts Requisition option when you speak with him – 100 Standing
  • Daughter Tokens – can be earned through fishing on Cambion Drift – 100 Standing
  • Son Tokens – these can be earned by conserving animals on Cambion Drift – 500 Standing
  • Grandmother Tokens – you can trade Grandmother a selection of lesser tokens for a Grandmother Token, worth 1500 Standing.
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