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Persona 5 Royal shows off social events and other challenges

Persona 5 Royal

Good news Atlus fans, Persona 5 Royal is back again with another monthly gameplay showcase, this time we’re seeing new social elements and some tweaks to combat.

The developer has been releasing these development preview videos for a while now, focusing on different gameplay elements of Persona 5 Royal. the game will also be tweaking a bunch of other mechanics in addition to adding new ones. For example, Persona 5 Royal will be changing combat and skill usage in a pretty substantial way. New moves like Show Time combine the strengths and abilities of the Phantom Thieves and as their friendship develops, allowing them to unleash stupidly powerful attacks. Each group of characters has their own unique set of Show Time attacks too, as Makoto Niijima and Haru Okumura’s ‘Show Time’ is a cooperation skill based around female professional wrestling.

But as for new features, there’s a really interesting one called the Challenge Mode. Players must guide Joker through a dangerous maze of enemies while trapped within the Velvet Room. Each layer of this new mode introduces new and reworked enemies, and it’s aimed at challenging veteran players. To combat these powerful foes, players will get access to new items, like Incense that gives Personas unknown abilities.

Other new features beyond combat include new social events that take place between different characters. And like the other versions in the franchise, these events affect each relationship differently, And you want to improve these relationships overall, as they are integral to powering up new Personas.

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Persona 5 Royal will be released on PS4 in Japan on October 31, 2019. It will then be released in the West in 2020. Watch the latest video for the game down below.

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