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Star Citizen 3.10 Alpha gets more teases via new trailer

Star Citizen 3.10 Alpha gets more teases via new trailer

The work continues on the Star Citizen 3.10 Alpha. Cloud Imperium has begun pushing out more details about the space game as they polish the next major update. CIG has apologized to fans, making it clear that they’re working hard to make this patch everything they want it to be. “We appreciate everyone’s patience while our teams work towards making the Alpha 3.10 experience the best it can be.”

The newest patch for the game is slated to drop via PTU Wave 1. The Star Citizen 3.10 Alpha includes a bunch of newly planned systems and additions. These include a new atmospheric flight mechanics and ship-to-ship combat that makes the game much more realistic.

The company has also revealed that Inside Star Citizen is coming back soon. The developer says that the video series will return with a bang on 23rd of July.

In other news, the team has also been slowly putting along in terms of fundraising. As of now, the game nears $305 million raised for development, and it continues to grow. More than 2.7 million backers have currently pledged a total of $304,986,894 towards the project. This makes it the biggest and rather incredible amount of money that has been thrown at the game.

Check out the latest trailer for the game down below. If you want to see more ships, Cloud Imperium had some showcase vids, made in the style of Top Gear, that showcased in-game ship makers, like Origin Jumpworks. Also, why not check out the Around The Verse video series a look?

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