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Sony unveils Kingdom Hearts 3-themed PS4 Pro

There's a PS4 Pro Inspired by Kingdom Hearts 3

Sony and Square Enix have announced that they’re cooperating on a new themed PS4 Pro console, just in time for one of the biggest JRPGs of this generation. With the imminent launch of Kingdom Hearts 3, fans are really amped up, and the latest entry into the iconic franchise looks poised for success.

The new PS4 Pro will feature all of the typical bells and whistles of a standard Pro, but with some nice added elements for Kingdom Hearts fans looking to take their hype to the next level. The console sports a special textured finish, one textured with a leather feel. The console is also complete with accents that evoke the mystical style of the legendary Disney RPG franchise. The spiffy new gaming implement also features some iconic logo designs that have been seen throughout the franchise, as well as smaller logos referencing different tidbits, like certain characters.

I must say, the lace-inspired primary design looks unique and interesting and is sure to be quite the eye-catcher. Maybe you could even use it to spark some interest for the franchise from friends that have never tried the amazing RPG series before.

The console is a limited-run system, so get it while you still can. And in case you were wondering what else comes in the box, the bundle includes a matching DualShock 4 controller and a copy of the Deluxe Edition version of Kingdom Hearts 3. And by the way, even that controller features little accents and changes that give a nod to the franchise, nice touch there Sony.

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No news about a console bundle for the Xbox One version sadly. Fans seem pretty excited about this game as well, the game already went “Gold” in terms of sales this past month, so that’s good news.

Kingdom Hearts III launches for PS4 and Xbox One on January 29, 2019.

If you’d like to see more details about the upcoming RPG, Square Enix has you covered. The company recently put out the opening cinematic trailer, featuring some excellent custom theme music. There’s also other franchises like Big Hero 6 and Winnie the Pooh involved in the game and it’s sprawling collection of worlds, which you can check out in their own gameplay footage. You should also go see the majesty that is King Mickey in action.

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