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Pedestal Prime is back in Warframe

Warframe Pedestal Prime

Every so often, mysterious merchant Baro Ki’Teer returns to Warframe, offering a new load of deals for players to peruse. In most cases his deals revolved around powerful weapons, crafting parts and other useful gadgets. There’s one notable exception though. Sometimes, Baro Ki’Teer will just have some really useless vanity items up for grabs. And this week is one of those times, as Pedestal Prime is back in Warframe.

The item just exists to hold your other decorations, but if you’re looking to flex about all the Credits you have, here’s one way to do it. This vanity item is up from Baro Ki’Teer for just one million Credits. If you want to grab the item, head to Strata Relay on Earth. Baro will stick around there for one more day. If you need a guide on what else the Void Trader has in stock, check out the video below.

Sure, Pedestal Prime is kind of a nonsense item. It’s a purely decorative element that acts as little more than a Credit sink for the endgame players but, it’s still really funny. So if you’re looking for the ultimate pointless status symbol, this may be the thing for you. As the in-game description indicates, it’s an enigmatic waste of space. “Behold, the singular vision of a great artist and the life’s work of a master craftsman.” it reads, “An artifact so refined, so imbued with the finest material that it has no equal in the system. This is the plinth that all others aspire to be. This is Pedestal Prime.”

Baro also has other items in stock, as usual. One thing to keep in mind is that the other items aside from Pedestal Prime cost Ducats.

Axi A2 relics are up for 45,000 Credits and 50 Ducats. The Supra Vandal, one of the more powerful assault rifles in the game, can be had for 275,000 Credits and 500 Ducats. There’s also a bunch of different skins up for grabs. 250,000 Credits and 550 Ducats, you can also grab Ignis Wrath.

If you want a full rundown of all of the Baro items for December 20th, check the Wiki.

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