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Metro Exodus is a tough game. The game is all about surviving the blasted wastes of Russia post-apocalypse, it’s not going to be easy no matter what you do. But, if you want to make things more chaotic, the cheating potential in this game is huge. You can use the Metro Exodus console commands to alter the game’s difficulty, add new challenges, change the map and do tons of other things.

How to Enable Debug Mode

If you do want to cheat in this game, here’s what you need to do. You need to install a Cheat Engine Table (found here) to enable both the Noclip mode and the developer console. This modifies the game’s memory to allow for cheats to be used.

There are multiple different classes of Metro Exodus console commands. Each set of commands adds or changes a crucial game setting. Messing with this too much can brick your save, so be mindful of that.

Gameplay Commands

These console cheats are the most direct way to alter the game state. Some make the game much harder, like adding more armor to everyone in a scene or by locking crafting outside of the inventory. THey can also allow you to jump straight into New Game+ too.

  • new_game_plus_allowed: To unlock game plus on the main menu
  • ngp_armored_mode: +1 armor level to all human NPCs
  • ngp_backpack_limit: You can only craft using the workbench
  • ngp_bad_weathert: Fog, Sand Storn, Rain & snow are more frequent
  • ngp_dev_comments: Green tape players can play developer commentary
  • ngp_grenadier_mode: More grenades for human NPCs
  • ngp_iron_mode: You can only save between levels
  • ngp_radiation_mode: More radiation areas added
  • ngp_realtime_weather: changes the day cycle from 2 to 24 hours
  • ngp_tough_creatures: + armor (thick hide) for creatures

Teleport Commands

These commands are basically level skips. You can use these to break the story progression and jump between areas. Beware potential soft locks that can result from breaking scripting by jumping between areas too much.

Start by using the Disconnect command if you’re just using the raw map command. THere is a version that can work with the change_map_nl too. Use the command change_map_nl and then attach a modifier out of the list below to jump to that map.

  • m3\000: Main Menu
  • m3\01_dead_moscow: Moscow
  • m3\05_winter: Winter
  • m3\06_bridge: The Volga
  • m3\06_spring: Spring
  • m3\07_yamantau: Yamantau
  • m3\08_desert: The Caspian
  • m3\08_summer: Summer
  • m3\12_valley: The Taiga
  • m3\12_autumn: Autumn
  • m3\13_deadcity: The Dead City
  • m3\14_outro: Finale
  • m3\dlc_1_deadcity: The Two Colonels
  • m3\dlc_2_vladivostok: Sam’s Story
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Backend Commands

These commands change aspects of the way the game works that don’t often directly affect gameplay. These can change the way the game renders or the way it processes inputs.

  • r_gamma: To set gamma (Directx 11)
  • r_exposure_control: To set gamma (Directx 12)
  • r_exposure_bloom: Try value “-1”
  • r_bloom_prefiltered: Try value “0”
  • g_disable_hud_scale_coll: To set weapon scale
  • hud_scale_type: Weapon position  (value 0 to 5)
  • hud_scale_force_xy: Set previus commant to 3 and set the position
  • weapon_count: Values 1 to 3
  • r_base_fov: To set field of view
  • enable_backpack_craft: Enables backpack crafting ability
  • enable_costumes_craft: To change costumes upgrades in the workbench
  • ngp_sneaky_combat: Swaps the game into a more stealth-focused combat model
  • return_to_main_menu: quit the game
  • pause: Pause the game
  • joy_sens_y_scale: To set Pitch sensitivity scale
  • gamesave: Save the game
  • gameload: Load the game
  • g_game_difficulty: Use this command to change the difficulty setting at the engine level
  • g_ranger_hud_alpha: Only works in game difficulty 3 (Ranger)
  • ranger_mode_game: Turns on Ranger mode, a hold-over from a previous game
  • g_survival_mode: Another holdover from the previous games, not sure if it does anything
  • disconnect: Enables use of the map command
  • map: Load any map,
  • restart: To restart a map
  • change_map: to any map
  • change_map_cl: Same as the previous one
  • change_map_nl: Above there is a list with the available maps
  • nextlevel: To skip the current mission
  • g_player_speed_scale: Changes the player walk/speed/sprint scales
  • g_god: Deathless or god mode
  • g_global_god: Previous command, but for everyone
  • g_unlimitedammo: Also unlimited medkits
  • g_notarget: NPCs can’t target the player
  • g_autopickup: Auto collects the loot

Rendering Commands

These commands only affect the rendering of the game and post-processing effects. Use it to mess with anti-aliasing and shadow effects and the like.

  • ph_dbg_render_range: Default = 150, but try =20
  • ph_movables_range: Default = 96, but try =20
  • r_adaptive_ssa: Default = 1, but try =0
  • r_dof_tile_max: Default = 1, but try =0
  • r_enum_ssaa: Default = 10, but try =5
  • r_foliage_scale_clr_mp: Default = 1.2, but try =0.5
  • r_foliage_scale_ao_mp: Default = 1.1, but try =0.5
  • r_foliage_scale_range: Default = 1.25, but try =0.5
  • r_lod_shadow_quality: Default = 1, but try =0.5
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