Leveling the Crown of Sorrow Explained

How to level the Crown of Sorrow fast in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 has added a slew of new weapons to the game, and that means you’ve got a bunch of new raids and other activities to mess around with. The new Duality Dungeon is just one of the many options you have for this season.

Destiny 2‘s current Season of the Haunted is now live, and with it comes a new grind. The new Crown of Sorrow system is a progression-based tracker for your overall success in the game. Your goal is to gain rank points and move up in ranks pretty consistently. By completing in-game activities, you will earn a set number of Rank Points per completion. Many of the new and older activities in the game right now reward players some kind of Rank Points.

You will actually need to do this to get your hands on the various Solar 3.0 Aspects, Fragments, and abilities in Destiny 2. If you want to help unlock the remaining fragments, that’s where this guide comes in. The Crown of Sorrow vendor can be found at the H.E.L.M area, and you need to return there regularly to upgrade the thing. The core of this new grind is built around completing in-game activities to earn rank points, then using those to unlock upgrades.

You upgrade the Crown of Sorrow by spending Figments of Darkness, the special currency for the season. The best way to earn Figments of Darkness is by completing seasonal quests and challenges, but they can also be earned by ranking up the Crown of Sorrow itself, hitting ranks 4, 10, and 16, respectively. To actually use the levels you earn, keep reading to learn how to burn through the leveling process.

How to level the Crown of Sorrow fast

This system is meant to be much more accessible than previous grinds. The first thing you want to do is farm Nightmare Containment. This activity rewards 65 Rank Points for a full clear to the final boss, and then another 40 for running a full run of Repeatables in this area. That’s bounties and all, including spending 500 Vestiges of Dread at the Nightmare Harvester. Doing this quickly, you can easily earn around 1,000 Rank points every hour on average, if you complete a run every 10 minutes or so. Daily Bounties earn you 20 rank points per Bounty, Combine all this together to get plenty of points.

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Kill or Collect Patrols on Castelllum are another viable option. You will want to focus on these activities as they are much faster than the other option.

Bounties and Patrols can be great for a slower-pace farm as well. Grab a full suite of Bounties and head into either the Pleasure Gardens or the Royal Pools. Just do a full clear of this zone, then head back to the H.E.L.M. to turn in for the rewards. Each completion earns you a few points, and they really start to stack up. Most of the various older random activities like HVTs, Patrols and other actions award 10 points apiece.

One of the other things you need to do is farm for a ton of Glimmer. In total, you will need to spend at least 75,000 Glimmer to unlock all the Fragments. That’s a lot, but can be done pretty easily if you work at it. Each new Fragment can cost 25,000, so it can be a lot if you didn’t unlock them via other methods.

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