How to revive squadmates in Mass Effect Legendary Edition

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The combat in Mass Effect Legendary Edition is just as bitter and tough as the original game. The game throws a lot of enemies at you. There are times when you will get beaten. Sometimes the damage gets to be too much and squadmates go down. When that happens you do need to bring them up. To keep in the fight and not get a Game Over, you need to revive your squadmates.

d. Reviving squadmates is different, as you only trigger it when they faint. That means they hit 0 HP and drop out of combat. The first game in the three series entries will have things be a bit more complicated. In Mass Effect 2 and 3, you don’t have to worry about healing as much. The system works around Medi-Gel, which means you will only need to worry about stocking that item in the first game.

With the first game in the Mass Effect Legendary Edition, you will get a skill tree that has to do with First-Aid. Focusing on one of the party members with good First-Aid skill is a great idea here. Unity is one of the best healing and revival skills in the game. Triggering this skill will bring any downed teammates back into the fight, and they get 15% health and 40% shields back. That is very useful when you’re running out of Gel.

This is one of the most important talents in the game. It is only available to Shepard after Spectre Training, and, unless you’ve specialised as a Medic, Unity is the only way to revive fallen squadmates during combat under normal circumstances.

Having the skill points to dump into this is super useful, as you can put a few levels into it to unlock Master Unity. That skill unlocks once you put 12 points into the Spectre tree, and that gives a great buff to your Unity Heals. The fully upgraded Unity perk recharges faster, and lets you revive squadmates in Mass Effect with 30% health and 100% shields.

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