All the Assassin’s Creed Valhalla romances

Who is the traitor in the Stench of Treachery mission in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla?

Are you wondering about Assassin’s Creed Valhalla romances? We found out some basic details for a few of the romance options in the game. The game has a plethora of options to pick from for players to both ally with and romance. Eivor can get into plenty of trouble, so be careful. Some people might not like romancing certain choices,

With that said, here are the romance choices we have found so far within the game. As you want to take over control of the isles, you might want to take some time off for a bit of “fun”.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla romance options

There are a few different Assassin’s Creed Valhalla romances that you can undertake.  Since this game uses a pretty complex, factions and character system, the game will track a lot of details. Some romance options will impact other companions, one, in particular, will even have a major story impact. So you can use this guide to know what to expect.


Prerequisite: Build the Hunter’s Hut in your Settlement

After you have built up your Settlement to level 2, you have the option to build a Hunter’s Hut. Building that will open up a few different things. Aside from the obvious, you can unlock Legendary Animal hunts through a series of side quests. You can speak to Petra about these quests, and you should complete them if you want to romance her. This starts with taking her on a date with practicing some archery. You need to be an OK shot to get it going though, so do well on the date to impress her.

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Prerequisite: Liberate East Anglia

Broder is an option for the player to seduce during the East Anglia quest line. When you first break up a fight, you quickly progress to liberating the whole region and bringing it under your control. The crux of getting Broder impressed enough to like you is to do the right thing during the wedding between the newly knighted King Oswald and his bride Valdis.

During that wedding, head over to the large feast table nearby. You will find Broder standing around, and he will proposition you. If you respond with his proper name and not the name of his brother, he will respond positively as well. This will trigger the seduction.


Prerequisite: Finish three pledges at the Alliance Map

Randvi is a stalwart companion of the player, often found camped out by the alliance table. She will hand out pledge quests to give you a way to forge new alliances. Once you complete three of these pledge quests, you’ll be prompted to ask Randvi to go for a walk This will unlock a unique quest to romance her..

Be careful though, as romancing Randvi can negatively impact the rest of the game by earning you a Sigurd Strike. Get too many of those and Sigurd will  betray you and leave.

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