How to find Copper in Core Keeper

Core Keeper Review

Core Keeper is a sandbox survival game that has a rather cute style, and tons of fun buried underneath the adorable exterior. It’s a Minecraft-inspired title, through and through. But don’t let that comparison push you off. This new RPG has a ton of deep crafting to mess around with. The basics are all there. You can easily make basic wooden items and starter tools by just gathering wood, dirt walls and a few basic items. Just gather these basic items to make things like Torches. These basic items will be very helpful in the early game. But there’s so much more to this new ARPG.

Like many other items in the game, the basic crafting menu isn’t the only thing you need to learn. Pressing Tab without using the Workbench is just the first few recipes in the game. You need to craft the Basic Workbench to make simple wooden tools and items. But if you’re brand new to the game, you might not know that there’s three more benches. The Copper Anvil and Tin Workbench open up more weapon, tool and armor recipes for use. The Iron is a step beyond the previous two. And to make those better items, you’re going to need the resources.

How to find Copper in Core Keeper

One of the first things you’re going to need to find is Copper. This resource can be smelted to unlock tons new items and weapons, here’s how to find it. Copper in Core Keeper is the basic metal resource used to make copper variants of all the tools. You will also need it to unlock Tier 2 recipes from the Copper Anvil.

Many players make the mistake of clearing out the starting area of dirt. This is not the first thing you should do. In reality, clear out all the wood-bearing tools, and then make some Torches and a Workbench. From there, start looking for Copper. The game makes this so much easier as you will see some very obvious sparkles out in the darkness near the spawn with the Core. These will be the clue that there’s Copper and Tin nearby. The Copper Ore also has a very distinct orange texture that stands out. Look at the image below to see what I mean.

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How to find Copper in Core Keeper

Once you’ve mined the ore, it’s time to smelt. You will need to do some prep work first. Assuming you have already made a Workbench, you’re partway there. You can then use that and some dirt to make a Furnace, which you will need. Look below to see the whole process.

How to smelt Copper Bars in Core Keeper

  1. Make a Furnace from 20 Dirt Wall and place it down where you like
  2. Hover your mouse over the Furnace and press E to open it up.
  3. Place your raw ore inside and wait. After a short time, you will have Copper Bars
  4. Take them out of the Furnace and put them to use as you see fit.

You can also find Copper and Tin bars, as well as many other treasures, in boxes scattered around the game world. There’s no way to guarantee when these show up, as all Core Keeper worlds are different. But if you find a random wooden box, be sure to smash it. Later biomes can also have valuable treasure like Ancient Coins.

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