How to make the Cooking Pot in Core Keeper

Core Keeper Review

Core Keeper is a sandbox survival game that has a rather cute style, and tons of fun buried underneath the adorable exterior. It’s a Minecraft-inspired title, through and through. But don’t let that comparison push you off. Let’s talk more about what this game does to keep the player engaged. As is par for the course with these mining games, you have to figure things out and make your own fun. Players are excepted to power up the Core as they explore the underground biomes and destroy larger and larger monsters.

There are many different professions you can make use of in this ARPG. And each one needs its own tool. One of the most vital professions you need to make use of is the Cook. Not being able to keep your stomach full will confer various negative effects to your explorer. The food buffs you get that help you out in combat ar just the beginning. Feeding yourself is also how you heal up your wounds in Core Keeper. For this reason alone, you should learn how to make a Cooking Pot in Core Keeper.

You can also help yourself out by picking certain backgrounds during character creation. The Miner starts with a bundle of three Food Rations that restore 12 hunger per use.

How to make the Cooking Pot in Core Keeper

Like all the basic tools in the game, you need some resources to get this started. The Cooking Pot uses 6 Copper Bars and 2 Wood.  Getting to this point is a multi-step process. You need a basic Workbench to make the items you’re going to need. It’s a good idea to clear the starting area of wood first thing, then use that to make a chest, workbench, and some extra tools. Once you have that, you’re ready to move on.

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You next need to get the Furnace to make those bars. You need to dig up 20 Dirt Wall with the basic pick to make that Furnace. Once you have it in-hand, plop it down with right-click and then use E to open it up when you’re hovering over it. Place or shift-click the copper ore to place it into the furnace. You don’t need any fuel to make this happen, just a few seconds of time. Go ahead and get 6 Copper Bar, then craft the Cooking Pot using the Workbench.

Keep in mind that the game makes it easy to find Copper and Tin thanks to those little twinkles you see off in the darkness. Dig right for them at the start of the game to get some early resoures.

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