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Check out levels, enemies and more in The Surge 2 developer gameplay

The Surge 2 Developer Gameplay Walkthrough

Deck13 and Focus Home Interactive have dropped a pretty big new chunk of gameplay for their upcoming sci-fi game, The Surge 2. Adam Hetenyi, Head of Game Design at Deck13 Interactive took players by the hand and guided them through the world of this dystopian corporatism hellscape.

The ever-brutal AID have locked down the city the game takes place in while trying to contain the spread of a dangerous techno-virus. This desperate setting offers a challenging setup for the player to travel through. As players explore and interact with the NPCs and the rest of the world, they can uncover new paths, quests and other things to do, unlocking more of the interesting story.

In contrast to the first game, this sequel brings the setting into the larger futuristic locale of Jericho City. The Surge 2 takes the Dark Souls-esque action combat of the first game, and gives it a bit of a new take as well. That combat is actually much improved over the first game. For one thing, the sequel will have a refined blocking and attack system, making combos more rewarding.

Character customization will also get overhauled, offering players the chance to further customize their character in both cosmetic and gameplay-affecting ways. A new mountain of loot, like weapons and implants, will allow players a lot more build variety in The Surge 2.

This new game will also have asynchronous multiplayer, another new feature for the franchise. And with the much more visceral and chaotic combat, there’s some real potential there.

The Surge 2 is scheduled to come out on September 24th this year.

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