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Acquisitions Inc. PAX Prime 2015 Live D&D Game!


The live Acquisitions, Inc. game at PAX Prime is now available for your watching delight. Chris Perkins, dressed … interestingly … runs the Rage of Demons adventure in front of a live audience. The players were Mike Krahulik (playing the wizard Jim Darkmagic), Jerry Holkins (playing the half-elf Omin Dran), Scott Kurtz (playing the dwarf Binwin Bronzebottom), and Patrick Rothfuss (playing the rogue Viari). In the runup to it, it was billed as “Darkmagic vs. Drizzt Do’Urden”.



Those interested in the long and storied history of these grand adventurers can peruse the playlist of their previous exploits below. Fair warning, you might be overwhelmed with the urge to play D&D after doing so.


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