How to get Optic Decoders in Marvel’s Avengers

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Marvel’s Avengers has a ton of enemies to take on, and an even larger pile of loot to sift through. As players take on the various missions and get new gear, they will get to take on a bunch of more powerful foes. One of these the Riotbots, has a pretty unique item that you’re going to need. The Optic Decoders in Marvel’s Avengers come from these Riotbots. So let’s talk about these enemies and where to find them.

How to Get Optic Decoders from Riotbots in Avengers

The Optic Decoders are used in the Starktech Outfits crafting recipes, and you’re going to need a bunch of them. The Starktech Outfits quest, which is one of the very last missions in Avengers’ campaign, is the goal here. If you want to wrap this up, you will need to farm more Decoders. The best way to get these is to take down Riotbots.

Luckily, there’s no major difficulty in regards to getting Optic Decoders, as they can be harvested from many missions. Any mission which features Riotbots will drop these. The downside is that you only need this item for the one mission. There are no other upgrades or recipes that use the Decoders.

The Riotbots are a giant floating robot with a yellow shield, be on the lookout for them if you’re hunting for these items. By the point you need to hunt them for the Optic Decoders in Marvel’s Avengers, you should be able to pick them out pretty easily. After you have defeated a Riotbot, they have a chance to drop an Optic Decoder that you can pick up by walking over it.

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There are two ways to take these things out of the equation. You can either engage them with heavy attacks or just avoid them. If you hit them with multiple heavy attacks, this can knock them down and open them up for a nice charged attack. Be careful, as you are vulnerable while charging the attack.

The other way is to get behind them. Use the vaulting dodge by running at them and holding the corresponding button. When done correctly you can jump over the enemy and land behind them, this will leave their weak spot open to attacks. Do this right and get in a solid combo to take them out quickly.

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