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Star Citizen: Around the Verse – Stop, Hammer(head) Time

Star Citizen: Around the Verse Stop Hammerhead Time

Another week, another episode of Around the Verse from CIG. Sandi Gardiner and Eric Kieron Davis are back again this week to walk fans and backers through what’s been happening in the world of the most ambitious space MMO ever made.

This latest entry opens up with a player-made promo video that acts as a funny little intro to mining in Star Citizen, as well as a commercial for the MISC Prospector. This video was the winner of a contest run by the developers which allowed fans to create a commercial for the dedicated mining vessel. Pretty cool. The team may also be working on new versions of mining aside from planetary mining, but the plans are in the very early stages.

In other segments, various team members talk us through new mining and MobiGlas changes, as well as some ongoing polish work on some ships in the game. Ships like the Anvil Hawk and F8 Lightning are in various stages of development, according to this update. On the MobiGlass side of things, the focus this week was on figuring out how to integrate navigation and combat feedback into these UI systems. Things have sure come a long way from the original reveal of the MobiGlas system months ago.

There’s a bunch more little details and feature announcements in the latest Around The Verse, which you can watch below, so check it out.

To see more Star Citizen news, check out some of the other Around the Verse videos, or maybe you want to see some Squadron 42 gameplay. CIG has also responded to ongoing player outbursts over “Pay-to-Win” currency systems, and finally, you should see some really cool ships being build to Star Citizen.

Check out the latest Around The Verse down below. You can check out the broadcast from last week over here too. Check out the latest patch notes on the official site. Cloud Imperium Games has currently raised $193,769,276 from 2,097,756 backers overall.

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