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Team Sonic Racing reveals Team Rose

Team Rose added to Team Sonic Racing

Sega unveiled a new team coming to the upcoming racing game Team Sonic Racing. The announcement was made as part of a Japanese livestream celebrating 27 years of the worlds fastest hedgehog whipping his way through games and into our memories.

Team Rose will join Team Sonic and Team Dark as the third team to be added to the racing game. These characters include Big the Cat, four adorable little Chao in one vehicle and Sonic’s love interest, Amy Rose. Don’t worry more characters teams are on the way, according to Sega.

Amy Rose has a massive crush on Sonic, and would do anything to be around him, so she’ll try emulating his speed to win his affection, she will play similarly to Sonic, and just has to go fast. Big the Cat is extremely strong, but not particularly smart, so he’s all about brute force when racing. Chao are species in the Sonic Universe and are essentially cute little pets known for being friends with Cream The Rabbit and Tikal. So their playstyle will be all about careful control and use of Wisps.

You can see both the full livestream below. Team Sonic Racing is due out this Winter on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch.

With 12-players per race, and 4-player splitscreen, local multiplayer is a recipe for plenty of racing chaos in Team Sonic Racing. And online play will be just as unpredictable with 14 different powerups, mostly designed to make life difficult for your opponents. Players can also customize the look of their vehicles with unique skins, and even improve performance with new parts.

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