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They Are Billions leaves Early Access, brings campaign

They Are Billions Leaves Early Access

They Are Billions is a unique little game. The zombie-infested streets and alleys of the world are slowly choking out the last bits of human existence, and it’s your job to defend those bits in this city builder/tower defense madness. With an impressive and endless horde of zombies to take on, the fun just keeps piling on.

The big draw as the game lurched through Early Access for the last couple of years, is the endless series of gameplay loops that players could struggle through. The story and setting is a hodgepog of different authoritarian themes and desperation that rings home very similar to the tone of the Warhammer Fantasy universe. It’s this unique backdrop mixed with a fresh take on the zombie genre that has entranced players for a while now, and with it’s formal 1.0 launch, They Are Billions will be expanding on that story.

The new version of the game offers an expansive campaign that allows players to command the New Empire in a constant struggle to retake the lands from the claws of the undead. Using a mix of mystical and industrial tech, players construct elaborate webs of traps and defensive emplacements to hold back the swarm. How long can you hold out?

The 48 mission campaign allows players to explore the map and upgrade their defensive capabilities, but don’t expect They Are Billions to take it easy on you. The game will throw ever-increasing numbers of infected at, and you’re going to have to learn to survive while under siege from a literal mountain of corpses.

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The release version also brings back the beloved Survival mode, complete with a new map called Dark Forest.

If you fancy taking They Are Billions for a spin, pick it up on Steam now.

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