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SNK reveals Arcade Stick Pro with 20 classic fighting games

SNK reveals Arcade Stick Pro with 20 classic fighting games

SNK has just announced another entry into their lineup of retro gaming revivals, with the Neo Geo Arcade Stick Pro. Gamers will be able to use these titles on any PC or other supported device for any 8-button fighter, which is pretty much all of them.

The new item is made to look like the controller from the classic Neo Geo CD, offering much more than just a controller though. The Arcade Stick Pro not only works in a controller mode, offering key binding and other quality-of-life features, but there’s much more than meets the eye to this machine.

The Arcade Stick Pro also has a console mode, that’s where the 20 bundled games come in, where the system can be connected to the TV with an HDMI cable to enjoy the pre-installed games. In this mode, you can use the Neo Geo min-pad controllers, or just hook it up to another Neo Geo Arcade Stick Pro.

And yes, this new peripheral will function natively with the Neo Geo mini arcades released a while back. So if you’re in the market for a better control solution for those things, you’re in luck. As of now, we don’t know the full game roster of the Neo Geo Arcade Stick Pro, nor its target price point, so keep that in mind when thinking about buying this, as it will likely be more cost-effective for hardcore fighting game players to buy a dedicated fight stick.

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Check it out.

SNK has really been amping up their work on satisfying long-time fans recently. Not only does this new controller/console bundle join the Mini Arcade offerings to give retro fans some unique bits of nostalgia, it doesn’t look like SNK is slowing down their plans anytime soon. Before these releases, there’s also the SNK 40th Anniversary Collection that games got to sink their teeth into.

So it certainly raises questions about what plans the company has for the future. There are definitely plenty of games that could be ported to modern consoles by the company, the Anniversary Collection shows that the demand exists, although it remains to be seen if they capitalize on that renewed interest.

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