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Everspace 2 will have over 100 spaceships, tons more content

Everspace 2 Has Over 100 Ships

So the newest space adventure, Everspace 2, is so much bigger than we thought. For one thing the gameplay loop has been expanded and altered from the first entry in the series. The developer now describes the sequel as a single-player hack and slash action RPG…in space. But that’s not all we’ve seen about the space adventure this week.

It turns out that the game has massively increased the number of starships that inhabit the game universe, up to well over 100 different optins. Rockfish has announced as part of marketing blitz for their new game. Each ship in Everspace 2 will have its own defined role and specialized systems to accomplish that role. And with the inclusion of a fully fleshed out skills system, the piloting of these ships will be even more entertaining, but it certainly won’t be easy. The game has a glut of challenges and tasks to take on, each one offering different rewards to build up your prestige in the game’s universe.

The game setting is also being made a bit more lively compared to the first game. The environs of space will be teeming with traders, security forces and pirates all looking to accomplish their own goals. The pirate factions also have a unique mechanic where they can band together to form full-on clans, with a goal of ultimate conquest.

The developer even put out a nice little trailer teasing some of these craft, which can be seen below.

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The game features an expanded universe, and leaves the player open to explore and find their place in it. But if open sandbox gameplay isn’t quite your thing, there’s a 20 hour campaign that Rockfish is throwing in too. The campaign centers around the typical sci-fi trope of building up from nothing, and of course the setting is a hostile and often dystopian nightmare. So whether you’re taking on a fleet operation or acting out your Rogue Trader fantasies, Everspace 2 has something to offer that will challenge your abilities as a pilot and gamer.

And even though the game hit a bit of a false start with its Kickstarter launch date being pushed back earlier this month, things seem to be going well. The project blew past its $500,000 goal, raising an additional 60% over that initial goal in total. Since the title was teased back in August, people have been really excited to see how the project will turn out. And judging from the early footage we’ve seen before, it already looks really solid.

The planned release date for Everspace 2 is 2021, but early access is planned for around September 2020.

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