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Nintendo address 3DS and Joy-Con drift news

Nintendo Switch Console

Nintendo spoke with TheVerge on various plans it has for the future in a recent interview. And in typical Nintendo fashion, the company used one of its most iconic characters to make the plans known. In this case, beloved bad boy Bowser showed up to make the announcement. Of course the company also talked about other plans and news. The interview opened with talking about the recent Switch Lite launch, which went incredibly well for the gaming company. “It’s not only raised the sell-through for the overall family, but importantly it did so without any negative impact on our flagship system,” Bowser says of Switch Lite sales. “Said another way, Nintendo Switch Lite sales have been additive to the overall Switch business.”

On the less fun side of things, there’s been an ongoing issue with the Switch that many gamers have encountered. That of course being the very-much-hated Joy-Con drift problem. Controller drift on analogue sticks is a problem that any console gamer deals with at some point, and it’s been extremely disappointing to see the Nintendo brand struggle with the problem. To their credit though, Nintendo as a company have done a commendable job with addressing problems as they pop up.

“Our goal is always, always to create quality products, and products that ensure gamers are having a great experience,” Bowser explained. “We are continuously looking at ways to improve our products as we go forward, but in the end we want consumers to have a great experience. And if in any case they’re not having that experience, we encourage them to contact our customer support groups and we’ll do our best to help them through that. That has been how we’ve been handling our consumers over the last few months as issues like this have arisen, and we believe that consumers are finding their way back to great gameplay experiences.”

So that covers the plans Nintendo has to deal with the now infamous Joy-Con problems. Basically it boils down to dealing with the problem by either fixing troubled units, or replacing some of them if the issue can’t be fixed. Retailers like GameStop are also supporting the effort by helping consumers in some areas with information on the issue.

“We continue to look at the 3DS family, both hardware and games, as a strong entry point for some consumers,” Bowser reveals. “And we’re seeing that. As long as consumer demand is there, we’ll continue to provide both hardware and software on that front. We will continue to support the 3DS family this holiday and into 2020.”

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This comes after details were revealed that Nintendo was apparently scaling back 3DS production on some SKUs. This led to many users suspecting that the line was about to be axed entirely.

The interview also discussed other plans as well, like what Ninty has planned for their older platforms beyond the 3DS and the like. In particular

The full interview is available here.

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