What are Shards in Nexomon: Extinction?

What are Shards in Nexomon: Extinction?

As you’re exploring the world of Nexomon: Extinction, you’re going to uncover some strange stuff. There’s a big world out there, and though the game supplies some forms of fast travel, there’s a lot left to uncover on your own. There are lots of secrets and items to find, but you’re not going to be able to use all of them right away. One of the stranger items you will uncover are special multicolored gems that show up as Shards in Nexomon: Extinction.

You will need a pickaxe in your inventory to harvest Shards in Nexomon: Extinction, to keep one on hand. And in case you don’t have one, you can get the pickaxe from the NPC near the Orphanage. Grab that ASAP as you will need it throughout the game. Use these to harvest the rocks you find around the game world. These will respawn every 20 minutes or so, so feel free to farm them.

Types of Shards

  • Blazing – Red
  • Ocean – Blue
  • Nature – Green
  • Thunder  – Yellow
  • Stone – Brown
  • Mind – Pink
  • Tempest – Light Blue
  • Phantom  – Purple

Once you have some Shards though, just what the heck do you do with them?

You can use shards to trade-in at the General Store for Gold, which can then be traded for certain items. These traders are all over the game. You will want to take the time to explore and find as many traders as you can, perhaps when finding Warpstones, as some of the items they sell are rather useful. Aside from trading through, Shards in Nexomon: Extinction have another important use.

Their most important use is to synthesize Cores. Cores are very useful items you can equip on your Nexomon to boost their stats. The biggest and most important use for these Cores is pretty obvious, so that means you want a bunch of Shards. It’s likely that you will also find plenty of Gold through other means, so don’t bother hoarding too many Shards for trading, they’re put to far better use by crafting to Cores.

How to Synthesize Cores

Cores can be crafted once you get to the town of Parum. Go there and into the large building across the bridge. Start by heading directly to the left of the Warpstone and into the next screen. From there, cross the bridge and then go north. There will be a massive building decorated with a fountain, that’s your goal.

Head into the building, directly to the back room. You will find Bonnie standing next to the Synthesis Machine. There will be multiple options that show up when you interact with the machine. Which options you choose depend on the rank of Core you want to end up with. Each core requires a different amount of shards of differing quality, so keep that in mind when creating them. You will need some very high-quality Shards to make the best Cores.

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All Core Recipes in Nexomon

Each of these types of Cores are used with Shards to create various items for use in your Taming. Cores are primarily used to boost the basic stats of your monsters. There are different types formed from each of the different Shard types.

  • Destruction Core (I): three blazing shards and two thunder shards
  • Destruction Core (II): six blazing shards, three thunder shards, and three stone shards
  • Destruction Core (III): 10 blazing shards, five thunder shards, and three stone shards
  • Protection Core (I): one ocean shard and three stone shards
  • Protection Core (II): three ocean shards, five stone shards, and one nature shard
  • Protection Core (III): six ocean shards, 10 stone shards, and four nature shards
  • Vitality Core (I): two tempest shards, three nature shards, and one mind shard
  • Vitality Core (II): four tempest shards, two ocean shards, seven nature shards, and two mind shards
  • Vitality Core (III): six tempest shards, four ocean shards, 10 nature shards, and three mind shard
  • Immunity Core (I): two thunder shards, one phantom shard, and one mind shard
  • Immunity Core (II): four thunder shards, two phantom shards, two mind shards, and one tempest shard
  • Immunity Core (III): six thunder shards, four phantom shards, three mind shards, and four tempest shards
  • Experience Core (I): two ocean shards and three mind shards
  • Experience Core (II): three ocean shards, four nature shards, six mind shards, and one stone shard
  • Experience Core (III): six ocean shards, eight nature shards, 10 mind shards, and four stone shards
  • Greed Core (I): two phantom shards and one thunder shard
  • Greed Core (II): four phantom shards, three thunder shards, and two ocean shards
  • Greed Core (III): seven phantom shards, five thunder shards, four ocean shards, and three nature shards
  • Stamina Core (I): two thunder shards and one phantom shard
  • Stamina Core (II): four thunder shards, two phantom shards, one ocean shard, and two blazing shards
  • Stamina Core (III): eight thunder shards, four phantom shards, three ocean shards, and four blazing shards
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