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Pokemon GO dataminers uncover Celebi, Lucky Pokemon and more

Pokemon GO Celebi and lucky Pokemon Datamined

Pokemon GO developer Niantic pushed a new version with the 111.2 yesterday, and contained within the APK files where several references to new Pokemon encounters and items, that will seemingly be added in future updates. We already know that Gifts contain new items and EXP and Stardust rewards, but there’s much more on the way.

Lucky Pokemon

An interesting new addition is that there’s new variants of existing Pokemon that will be added to the game soon. Aside from special visual variants like Shiny or Alolan types, the base stats or mechanics don’t vary too much. That’s about to change with future updates to Pokemon GO.

Lucky Pokemon are creatures that only require 50% of the regular Stardust investment in order to level up. So this translates to a traded level 20 Chansey that requires 1250 Stardust to power up, down from the regular 2500 amount!

They have the following features associated in the code base:

  • Custom background, animation and camera effects
  • Custom counter label, similar to Seen / Caught that appears in the Pokedex
  • Two values that indicate these Pokemon are connected with the trading system:
    • .get_TimesLuckyReceived
    • .set_TimesLuckyReceived

New Items

One of the interesting items uncovered were barebones assets that hinted at a new berry being added to the ARG. The item appears to be a silver variant of a Pinap Berry. In the current version, Pinap Berries increase the amount of Candy gained from captures, it’s currently being speculated that this new one is a rarer variant with an increased effect compared to the original.

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Silver Pinap Berry Pokemon GO


Dataminers have dug through the new Pokemon GO update and have found plenty of reasons for fans to get excited. The biggest news is that the entire Celebi Special Research quest appears to be complete, and we’re just waiting for Niantic to flip the switch to activate the actual encounter.

Judging from the original requirements to catch Celebi at Pokemon GO Fest this year, once this thing hits global circulation, it will take a fair bit of effort to unlock and capture.

Pokemon GO is out now for iOS and Android mobile devices.

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