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First Outer Worlds patch will let you increase font size

The Outer Worlds Review

The Outer Worlds is a great game, and many people seem to agree. While it’s not as big and sprawling as some of the other entries in the RPG genre, it packs quite the punch. The dystopian hyper-capitalist worlds of the Halcyon colony are brutally depressing and fascinatingly insightful all at the same time. The characters are well-written and the game looks great even on consoles. That zippy and bright art style really pops against the shockingly drab setting in the best way.

That’s not to say it’s without issues though. The short run time of only about 20-30 hours will sour those looking for a 100+ hour epic adventure, but let’s be honest, 50 of those hours are spent traveling from point to point. The 30 hours you spend in The Outer Worlds will be delightfully upsetting throughout the whole thing. Another major gripe for some, including myself, was the lack of accessibility options, including the ability to scale fonts and UI elements. But with the first hotfix to the game, Obsidian is addressing some of that and more, including fixing some major bugs.

The patch for The Outer Worlds will be out next week, bringing a handful of changes. There’s some bugs with companion deaths causing quest failures outside of Supernova difficulty that are being patched. Some mission completion bugs are also being worked out.

And don’t worry you greedy ninnies, the exploits aren’t getting patched yet.

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Resolved Issues:
•    The crashing issue in Tartarus
•    Increase Font Size – Conversations/Subtitles
•    Muffled sound effects occur at random times for players on the PS4
•    Companions dying and failing companion quests on modes other than Supernova
•    Unable to finish “Radio Free Monarch”
•    Trophy “Not the Best Choice” fails to unlock properly

This was one of the few gripes I had with this otherwise excellent game during my time with it. The lack of customization options for the UI was a pretty big let down for the overall game, making it a big drawback for those with sight problems or technical issues that made it hard to see elements of the UI, including subtitles.

Other than those minor gripes, the game is excellent, bordering on the best thing Obsidian has ever done. If you want to know more, check out our review of The Outer Worlds. The game is out now for PS4, PC and Xbox One.

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