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PvE is getting a huge update in Lifeblood for EVE Online

EVE Online Supercapitals

EVE Vegas happened last week, and man was it a doozy. Players got to hear all about new titles being developed, and expansions to existing EVE Online content. But CCP wasn’t content with just a few major announcements. One of their dev teams, Team Phenomenon, had some pretty cool announcements about new PvE content coming to the game in the December expansion.

For the unaware, Team Phenomenon were the folks behind the Circadian Seekers and Drifter content, as well as overall AI improvements in PvE sites. They also added the spawning of NPC miner and hauler fleets that can be quite lucrative to attack.

Forward Operating Bases

It’s these mining and hauling fleets that are the focus of Team Phenomenons latest effort as well. Starting with the Lifeblood expansion, the Blood Raider Covenant and Guristas Pirates factions will begin invading high-security space all over EVE Online and installing military bases. The bases can be taken down by groups of any size but the difficulty is balanced for fleets of 10 players or more and each player in the fleet gets the same rewards.

And before you think you can blob the sites to farm them, they operate on a bell curve for rewards that “caps” around 50 players in a site.

But the FOBs aren’t the only major news for NPC factions. CCP are adding pirate faction shipyards to LowSec and NullSec. Faction capital ships, this time for Guristas and Serpentis, can drop in these sites. So prepare for new faction Dreadnaughts, Titans and Carriers to grace the factories and fleets of New Eden soon. A new Force Auxillary Carrier, Dreadnaught and Titan are the new shiptypes.

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You can find screenshots of these new ships’ stats, as well as concept art for Angel Cartel capital ships below:

Resource Wars

A secondary PvE site is also being added in the form of Resource Wars. In these easier training sites, players can take on the role of either a miner or a combat pilot defending the miners and haulers from pirates that occasionally warp in and attack. The NPC haulers will automatically warp off to safety when filled with ore, so you can either help fill them up or defend NPC miners filling them up. When all of them warp out, the site completes and anyone who has contributed to its completion gets ISK, Loyalty Points, and standings.

But bear in mind that the sites are limited to each empire’s specific ships, so the Amarr mining corp won’t let your Gallente ships in. Also, these sites are on a timer. If the “War” isn’t completed quickly enough, the site will explode and deal huge amounts of damage.

These new sites won’t be anywhere near as difficult as other more intense sites, and nowhere near as rewarding. It’s like an extension of the tutorial that’s meant to help newer players. Although It feels like is that CCP may be testing replacements for solo PvE Missions, so we may see more challenging implementations of these sites in the future.

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