How to ride a palamute in Monster Hunter Rise

Is Monster Hunter Rise exclusive to Nintendo Switch?

The hype for the new Monster Hunter game on Switch is very much palpable. There’s a ton of anticipation for that new demo, so much in fact that it crashed the eShop this morning, If you jump into the fray and hunt in the demo, you get to experience some of the new mechanics. There’s a lot to this game even though it’s on the underpowered Switch. One of the new mechanics is ridable monsters. You can ride a palamute, your new mount, in Monster Hunter Rise.

When you want to ride the monster, you just need to take them on a hunt with you, and then use some specific button presses to trigger the ride.

Pressing and holding the A button is the first step, as this will summon the mount to you. You need to head over to it and trigger the “Let Me Ride” option by interacting with the palamute. Once you’re riding the palamute, you have a few choices to make and things that you can do.

Pressing the R button will allow you to dash for a short distance. While moving, press ZL to drift and turn quickly. And if you want to get to a higher point, jump with ZR. While you’re on its back you can press X to swing your weapon at foes.  When you’re done, you can press B to get off the mount.

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You can also ride around and grab any drops from monsters or stuff on the ground. You also have access to your inventory, which means you can sharpen your weapon and use healing items too. So if you need to make a quick getaway to heal up and buff, there’s something to be said for running away atop your new canine buddy.

There are tons of other mechanics in the game as well. The new Wirebug system will even allow you to mount monsters in combat. This can be huge for getting a better position against a foe. You can also use the improved movement to get around the map in style. It may be that this ends up being the best Monster Hunter game ever.

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