When can you get the Monster Hunter Rise demo on the Switch eShop?

Is there multiplayer in Monster Hunter Rise?

The Monster Hunter Rise demo is almost here. Finally, the Rise demo is almost here, as fans are super excited. The demo goes live tomorrow and is free for anyone with an active eShop account. Despite the delay of an additional day, there’s plenty of time to enjoy it. Capcom will release the demo as a sort of beta preview before removing it from the eShop on February 1. The demo will drop tomorrow, January 8, on the Nintendo Switch eShop.

The MHR demo will include a tutorial quest to teach some new mechanics. Players get new companions, and even the ability to ride Wyverns as well with some new gear. Wyvern Riding allows you to control a wild creature and move around the map freely for a short time, it’s kind of like a revised fast travel system. All of the unique weapons and the new gear types will be in the demo as well.

So since you’re probably excited, let’s talk details and figure out what’s going on.

What time does the Monster Hunter Rise demo Go Live on the Switch eShop?

The demo was supposed to drop today, but it seems Nintendo and Capcom have pushed it back a bit. The Monster Hunter Rise demo was supposed to come out today following the release of new trailers and other details about the game. It will instead drop tomorrow on the 8th. so fire up your Switch after it drops to get your copy.

You need to download it soon though, as there is an expiry date on this. The demo will only be available until February 1 at 12 AM PT or 3 AM ET.


How to download the Monster Hunter Rise demo on Nintendo eShop

Start by turning on your console and make sure you have an active WiFi connection. Then make sure you have your Nintendo account all set up so you can use the eShop. You will need to open the eShop icon from the Switch Home screen. There will likely be a story on your main screen promoting the demo, you can click that to be taken to the store page.

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If it’s not there, you can use the search function to find it. Scroll to the search bar and input “Demo” and choose Monster Hunter Rise from the list of results. After that you should be able to sort through the options and find the demo. If not, you can also try grabbing it from the Game Demos section, where it should have top billing.

Now that you’re on the page of the Monster Hunter Rise demo, look for the Download Demo icon next to the More Details option. Scroll to that or tap it to begin the download. You may have to confirm the download depending on your age settings and other restrictions. Keep in mind that an NSO account with eShop restrictions placed on it may not be able to complete this step.

Once you have selected the download, you can either download now or get it later, as the console will prompt you with a choice. If you choose Now, the console will suspend other network activity and focus on downloading the game. If you choose Later, the console will wait until it’s in Sleep mode to begin downloading.

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