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Monster Hunter Rise free demo is coming next month

Monster Hunter Rise Tetranadon Footage

Nintendo and Capcom are releasing a Monster Hunter Rise free demo next month for everyone. If you want to see what the final game will look like, here’s your chance. The game has not shifted from its release date, so this isn’t a stop-gap or anything, which is good. The demo is due out sometime in January 2021. The full game will come out for the Nintendo Switch on March 26. So sharpen your blades and get ready to hunt, Monster Hunter fans.

The demo will be free on the eShop and can be downloaded by anyone with the console. There seems to be no requirement to use an active NSO account or anything from what I can see. The game already got a nice showing a The Game Awards 2020, but now Capcom have something new to debut as well.

The new trailers showcase some of the game’s new and returning monster cast, including the Somnacanth, the Royal Ludroth, the Great Wroggi and the Bishaten as new quarry to hunt. Players will have new and old weapons to fight them with, some of which are shown in the new trailers. The big focus of the newest gameplay is on a pair of weapons, the Dual Blades and the Bow.

Along with all of this, a new game mode of sorts will grace the Switch title. Rampage battles are kind of like a horde mode for Monster Hunter, with players possibly having to take on a wave of monsters of various kinds in rapid succession. More details about Rampage mode are coming, so take this stuff with a grain of salt.

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There have been plenty of rumors of a PC port, but that has yet to be confirmed in any official way. Monster Hunter Rise is set to launch exclusively for Nintendo Switch on March 26. You can check out the new weapon trailers below.

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