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Check out the beautiful trailer from E3 for Remedy’s Control

Remedy’s Control

The newest game from Remedy was announced last year, and it has been flying under the radar a bit since then. Now with E3 stomping through the headlines of the games industry, it was doomed to happen that we would see this particular supernatural title again. This particular team worked on the Max Payne titles as well as Alan Wake, so action games with a supernatural element seem right up their alley.

The story is a very intriguing and mysterious setup. And alien and otherwordly force has invaded New York, and the players is part of a secretive agency tasked to take on the said threat. Remedy and 505 Games are crafting an intense third-person game with a huge focus on creepy elements mixed with plenty of action. Players will get to control a wide variety of supernatural abilities, modifiable loadouts and reactive environments that shift and change over the course of the game. It’s possible to warp the world around the player, and that will become a pretty big gameplay mechanic from what we’ve seen.

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And as part of pimping this new title, 505 and Remedy have announced a partnership with Nividia to implement full Ray Tracing support in the game, obviously supported by the top-end line of RTX GPUs. Another technical aspect is that this game will use the same engine powering Quantum Break. This means the lighting and rendering in Control will already be top notch, and the introduction of Ray Tracing into the equation could well kick up the bar in terms of graphical fidelity in modern PC games.

The game is due for an August 27th release on the PC. Check out the new trailer for the game down below, or take a look on Steam.

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