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Roblox My Feed section is being removed

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The Roblox My Feed, a way for gamers to keep up to date with news about the platform, is being removed. Don’t freak out, there are still ways to find that same information. Basically, once this feature is removed, there won’t be a centralized feed that shows all of your friends, groups and other info in one place. This is both good and bad, depending on how you look at it.

If you felt overwhelmed by having too much news in the feed, this is good. By breaking the news feeds up into their own dedicated pages, it makes it easier to find exactly what you want, without all of the chaff from other updates crowding things out. For developers, this might mean less visibility of game updates at a glance, so it’s a bit annoying from that perspective.

The simple fact is, all the information is still there. Group stuff will be available on Group pages, updates on friends will be on their profile, and all the other announcements will be found in your notifications menu. So you won’t be losing anything. And it’s probably a good change frankly.

The goal is to keep the service free of a cluttered feed of game updates and other news. For those players who follow a ton of games and developers, this means one less way to find updates on the games you play, but that’s largely the same as the Groups system already in the game. It would seem the Roblox team felt the Roblox My Feed feature was a bit redundant.

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Here are the official details from Roblox Developer Relations:

As of this week, we will begin sunsetting the ‘My Feed’ page on web and mobile as part of efforts to keep Roblox simple and streamlined for users.

You will continue to be able to find updates from Groups you are a part of by visiting the Groups Page
Updates from Friends will be viewable by visiting their profiles
Friend requests and other notifications are visible from the notifications menu

We are continuing to invest in better ways to allow people to share and receive relevant updates from friends and groups on Roblox in the future and will share further updates when the time is right.

So the removal of the feature isn’t huge news, but it does have some impact on developers and players. What are your thoughts on the removal of the Roblox My Feed? Let us know.

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