How to Complete Art in Flight in New Pokémon Snap

How to Complete Art in Flight in New Pokémon Snap

We’re back with yet more guides on Lentalk Requests in New Pokémon Snap. There are so many of these things to do, that we’re going to be at this a while. Anyway, the next guide also covers a Florio Park task, Art in Flight. To get this quest done, you need to unlock a few basic abilities, so get to Research Level 2 as a minimum to get started.

How to Complete Art in Flight in New Pokémon Snap

  • Load into Florio Nature Park (Night) on Research Level 3.
  • Look out for Swanna flying around, and make sure to take its photo
  • Get near the water and start playing music.
  • Throw Illumina Orbs at the Swanna flock.
  • Take a picture of the flock of Swanna as they fly off after crying.

Florio Nature Park (Night) and as this seems to work on both Research Level 2 and 3, you should be able to use either one. Once that’s done, head into the zone and get ready, the Swanna you’re after is quite close to the entrance of the zone.

When the Swanna lands in the water, get ready. The rest of the flock is about to take off and you need to be ready to grab the photo. If you’re having trouble spotting it, look towards the small outcrop islands out in the water and you should spot the flying monster. If you get lucky, one of the Swanna will already have the glowing aura on it, if not, toss over an Illumina Orb to get that done. You need to do this while proccing your flute to play music.

As soon as you see the Swanna preparing to take off, you need to time the shot just right. The picture you’re after involves all the Swanna in the frame just about to fly off. The picture you actually need is one right after they start to fly off after making various cries. it’s not an easy thing to time, so it may take a few attempts. Most players find success by just spamming pictures as soon as the Swanna lands and is illuminated. It seems to be pretty easy to get it done if you do that.

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That’s how you complete Art in Flight in New Pokémon Snap.

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