How to get the ghost captain sails in Sea of Thieves

ghost captain sails in Sea of Thieves

With the launch of the Haunted Shores update, Sea of Thieves has added some very interesting new challenges for the endgame player. And of course, it involves more skeletons. This new patch revolves around hunting ghost ships and stealing their booty, as is your want in a pirate game. So with this update, there are some new cosmetic rewards to be gained as well.

You can earn some rather spooky sails for your ship, among other things, The ghost captain sails in Sea of Thieves are one such upgrade. These dark sails offer very unique look. So if you’re in for the sinister look on your ship, these might be for you. The ghost captain sails in Sea of Thieves are earned via a particular string of quests.

For starters, you need to collect the Hunter of Damned Captains commendation, as part of the new faction quests in the Haunted Shores update. You need to engage with the Order of Souls faction and take on various voyages. One such voyage involves taking down the Ghost Captain’s ship. You only need to take down one of these ships to get the sails, but it won’t be easy. This voyage is very much an endgame quest. After you reach Mystic Mercenary at reputation level 25 with the Order of Souls, you unlock the specific class of ghost fleet voyages.

These monstrous ships spawn as part of the ghost fleet voyages, and they’re the largest and most well-armed of the ships.

This upgraded ghost spawn is much tougher compared to the other generic ghost ships that spawn around the game. Bring your best crew when taking these guys on, and come with a fully loaded ship in terms of weaponry and supplies. Once you take down the ship, pick through the wreckage, and you will gain possession of the Captain Skull of the Damned. Sell it to the Order of Souls along with 49,000 Gold to unlock the ghost captain sails in Sea of Thieves.

There is one other method for getting the ghost captain sails in Sea of Thieves.

Instead of hunting down the voyages,  you can head for the Ghost Ship World Event. This randomly spawning event can be really useful for getting some rather interesting cosmetics and some fun gameplay. Look for the giant flaming skull in the sky to denote where the event has spawned. Sail to the zone where the ships have spawned and engage them. It’s best to do this with groups of other players so you can break through the defensive ring of smaller ships that spawn around the flagship.

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The largest ships in the flotilla have the ghost captains on them. These drop the skulls you need to trade for the sails. You will be able to tell these apart as they’re marked with special flags. Keep in mind though that these are different from the flaming Ghostly Ashen Dragon Ships.

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