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Destiny 2 Forsaken campaign will be removed from the game in March 2022

Bungie announced in a blog post today that Destiny 2’s Forsaken campaign will be removed from the game on February 22, 2022. This will result in the removal of some seasonal content, namely the Season 4 Raids and other missions. There’s more though, as the Tangled Shore is also getting phased out.

As to why, it’s very simple. Bungie needs to make room in the game itself, and the development team, for new content. The existing seasonal content and other stuff will be moved to the Destiny Content Vault, maybe to return one day. For now, Bungie is focused on getting Season of the Witch ready to play. The new expansion is set to drop on February 22 of next year—the same day Forsaken will be vaulted.

And don’t worry, the Dreaming City destination will continue to be available after this date.

When is Forsaken being Vaulted?

But if you want to go in and play this Forsaken content before it’s removed, you have a few options. You could buy into the editions of the game that entitle you to the expansion, if you want to burn some cash. There’s going to be a free period too, where the Destiny 2 Forsaken campaign will be free for all players. This free period will run from December 7, 2021 until the removal of Forsaken in 2022.

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When this free period begins, Bungie will debut a speedup pack called the Forsaken pack. “Beginning on December 7, the Forsaken Pack will be available for purchase and will include access to the Last Wish raid and the Shattered Throne dungeon, as well as access to all of the Forsaken Exotics,” says the developer in the update.

This will surely annoy some players, but at least you have time to enjoy it. Previous changes in the game have been met with disdain from players. This is obviously not the first time the Content Vault has caused a stir. When the Beyond Light expansion dropped last year, Bungie announced plans to sunset tons of gear and remove it from loot tables. This was part of a wider rebalancing of gear in the game—and players hated it—with Bungie removing it a short while later.

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