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Exilecon schedule announced , Blight Supporter Packs end soon

What to Expect from the Exilecon Livestream

It’s almost time for Path of Exile fans to celebrate the biggest event for this particular ARPG, as the first annual fan convention is set to kick off quite soon. Developer Grinding Gear Games has been hyping up the event for months now since its initial announcement. The company even ran several contests to give away VIP tickets to fans. Needless to say, but people are very excited

As we have covered before, there’s quite a lot going on at this first annual event. ExileCon will not only host a variety of talks and roundtable discussions about the current state and future of Path of Exile, but GGG has some quite big news in store. The event gets started proper on November 16th, with the big keynote presentation getting started at 10am local time that day. In the presentation we can expect a fair bit of news about Path of Exile 3.9, the next expansion. Fans of the game are also very keen to hear about the upcoming mega-expansion, version 4.0, which will also be revealed at the event. The convention will also include a variety of gameplay demos for upcoming content, with popular streamers ZiggyD and Mathil taking the helm.

The all-important race finals will be held during the weekend as well, with up to $17,500 on the line to determine who truly is the best racer in the POE community.

Don’t worry if you’re not attending locally, all the important bits such as the big announcements will be streamed on Twitch. The full convention schedule can be found on official site.

Supporter Packs Ending

In other news, GGG has also announced that the ending of the Blight League Supporter Packs is almost here. These MTX and physical rewards bundles are a special and commemorative way for the developer to keep cash flowing to support the game. And the bad news is, despite all of the awesome stuff in each pack, they are only available for a short time. So if you want to get the Blight-themed MTX in these packs, you better hurry. There is some good news though, as GGG has revealed a new upcoming addition to future Supporter Packs, a special POE-themed game book written by Chris Kluwe.

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