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CCP puts VR sport Sparc on Steam

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Even though CCP has ditched VR development, they’re still looking to squeeze the last drops of revenue from the efforts they’ve put in. Check out a gameplay trailer below:

The game has just been released on Steam for $19.99 and promises “a unique physical sport only possible in virtual reality”. Despite the success of the title on PSVR, how well it will do on PC remains to be seen. Fortunately, Sparc comes with single player challenges and trials as well as multiplayer. At least if the player base is reasonable small to start there are other ways to play the game. Which judging by the player numbers of EVE: Valkyrie’s post VR Warzone release, you won’t get much multiplayer.

Sparc‘s features include:

  • Compete online in one-on-one multiplayer matches against friends or via matchmaking
  • Practice your skills by testing yourself in single-player challenges and trials
  • Customize your avatar with a wide variety of visually striking and attention-grabbing options
  • Watch matches in-person and queue for the next match in VR through Courtside, a freeform social area for spectating in VR
  • Choose between rookie-level and pro-level difficulty game modes
  • Try out different arenas: start on the practice court, then switch over to the stadium court
  • Track your performance with gameplay data, including stats on wins, accuracy, and more

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