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Grim Dawn introduces the Shattered Realm in Forgotten Gods

Grim Dawn Expansion Forgotten Gods

With Grim Dawn’s Forgotten Gods expansion later this year; it’s going to be a lot more challenging, it won’t be a pleasure cruise through the new challenge modes being added to the game.

According to a new forum post from Crate Entertainment, the Shattered Realm will have multiple tiers of difficulty, which increase progressively as you venture deeper into the new areas.

Once you reach a certain point in the game you’ll run into Mazaan, the Keeper of Portals. This new character in Grim Dawn has the ability to traverse between realms, and he needs your help. That helping hand will require you to venture deep into the darkness and defeat the beasts within. Endure the challenges of the Shattered Realm and defeat the guardians that await at the end of one of its Shards and you can claim its rewards. Or proceed deeper still, to greater threats and even greater wealth.

One of the unique challenges of this new area is that you’re on a timer. If you take too long progressing through the areas and slaying enemies, part of the rewards will decay and be lost for that run.

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Crate has also revealed that there’s other areas of the end-game getting buffed or changed as a result of this upcoming expansion. Challenge Areas are one such development. These new areas have multiple difficulty modifiers. Some might be Dangerous or Treacherous, but there’s an extra challenge hidden deep in the bowels of these new zones. Roguelike Dungeons are a new area being added as part of the Challenge Areas that contain a special unique item set that can only be picked up in these dungeons. So these powerful items should be enough incentive for the most hardcore of Grim Dawn players to dive in headfirst.

Check out a short teaser for the Shattered Realm down below. Grim Dawn’s Forgotten Gods expansion lands soon.

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