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Warframe PS5 will get next-gen features and graphics

All PlayStation 5 launch day sales will be online only

Warframe was a part of the PS4 launch cycle, so it makes sense that DE and Sony would team up to get in on the ground floor of the PS5 as well. Developer Digital Extremes announced today that a Warframe PS5 port would be launched later in 2020. The version won’t be a launch title for the PS5 as far as we can tell, so that means December is a likely window to aim for.

Warframe is also currently on Xbox One and PC, as well as the Nintendo Switch. No confirmation has been given about a port to the Xbox Series X/S.

The list of features is very expansive and includes many elements that other PS5 titles are focusing on. The 4K resolution will be dynamic at times, so expect it to alter slightly to try and stay at that 60 FPS target. This port will also include a much sharper visual fidelity with higher-quality textures being implemented. And since DE already optimized texture storage in the “great ensmallening” this year, things will only get better with Warframe PS5. In addition to all of that the environments will look much better with an improved lighting engine being added as well.

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Players will be able to experience all of this with much faster load times. The example provided by Digital Extremes in the gameplay trailer showcases a scene loaded in around 10 seconds rather than 42 for the other versions of the game. You can check out that trailer below.

And yes, cross-play will be a thing with the PS4 version.

All of this won’t be added all at once though, as it’s a lot of work to pack into one launch update. Some features will be held back after launch. One such example is Haptic feedback. Haptic feedback is being added at a later date, allowing feedback to the user more complex than a rumble pad.

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