How to Create a Draft League in Football Manager 2022

Football Manager 2022

The Fantasy Draft game mode was a big part of previous games, but it got a major overhaul this year. You can alter pretty much every aspect of the game this year. From the look of your manager, to the entire pool of available players. You can still use the mode to play against the AI or your friends, but there are so many more choices to be made. Seriously, you can get a new selection of eyebrows and even a wider range of Glasses.

Your role is still to take on a managerial role at your chosen club, and take the team to the championship. You can use this guide to learn how to set up a Fantasy Draft League in Football Manager 2022.

What is the Draft?

The Fantasy Draft was first introduced to Football Manager in 2016. It was a pretty big game-changer as it allowed players a lot more granularity of control. The ability to build completely custom rosters for football fans is tons of fun. The goal is to make a squad from a pool of chosen players and figure out how to make them a good team. The picks are the first layer where you can seriously customize this whole thing.

When you first choose the option to start a draft, you have a few options. You can use the Quick Start option to automatically create a pool of players with default settings. If you want to make one on your own, use the Create Draft to make a custom one.

You need to push a lot of effort into this, but it’s very much worth it if you want to customize the game. The basic premise of the Draft League in Football Manager 2022 is that you make a custom team roster. Then, your newly assembled squads can compete against one another in either a league or cup format.

Setting up a Custom Draft

Choosing your league settings is key. The way in which you restrict players and teams will determine the competitiveness of your overall draft. Going into Advanced Settings will show many different things you can change. Here are some of the settings you can alter:

  • Budget – You can set caps on how much a team can spend on its roster.
  • Teams –  The number of teams you can have in the league can also be set.
  • Games – Decide how many times teams will play against each other.
  • Number of Drafts – You can actually choose if you want the team rosters to be shifted by another draft mid-season.
  • Number of Players – Set whether you want your friends involved or not.
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After you’re don’t setting up the seasonal settings, it’s time to implement draft controls. When actually generating the player pool, that’s where restrictions can be set as well.

The players can be completely open if you want. When you go to the Draft Restrictions screen, select the All button to apply filters. You can set it up so that drafts can only operate in a certain number of rounds. You can also set the Draft order and turn on reversing order if you want. This will change the draft order after each round to give lower-seeded teams a shot in later rounds at top players.

Clicking Add Restriction on this screen will allow you to further alter the player pool. You can only admit players of a certain age, or nationality. Just go through the options and see what you like.

Once you have set the restrictions you want, check them and click Begin Draft to start playing.

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