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Xbox Series X won’t mandate 60 FPS output

Xbox Series X

Microsoft previously said that the Xbox Series X would offer a new standard of performance and visual quality for the next generation of consoles. During the runup to the reveal of the new console, Microsoft touted 8K resolution and 120 FPS as major selling points. Many knew that they were likely overselling a bit, as this would out the new console well beyond the standard of current-gen high-end gaming PCs.

And there’s still some confusion, but it appears that the matter has cleared a bit. In a newly revealed bit of information, it seems that what they actually meant was that games could run up to 120 FPS. There are differing opinions and sources on this, but it seems that some games will run at that maligned 30 FPS standard. 30 FPS has long been the expectation for console games, as they’re usually pretty underpowered, but that could change in 2020.

In a release to Eurogamer Portugal, the local division of the publisher had shared it would “guarantee that Assassin’sCreed Valhalla will run at least 30fps.” Going further the publisher said that the Xbox Series X version of the game would “benefit from faster loading times” in this next-gen version, on top of “improved graphics” and “stunning 4K resolution.”

These performance standards will be largely achieved thanks to the new SSD storage device and improved processing power of the new console. But if you’re expecting 4K resolution and 120 FPS in all the new games for the Xbox Series X, prepare to temper those expctations.

Editor at The Verge Tom Warren has said that “ultimately, it is up to individual developers to determine how they leverage the power and speed of Xbox Series X.”

Countering this is Aaron Greenberg, a member of the team for Xbox Games Marketing at Microsoft. So I think when he says the following, he’s probably a bit better in the know:

“Developers always have flexibility in how they use the power,” Greenberg made it clear in reply to Warren on Twitter. “So a standard or common 60fps is not a mandate.”

It makes sense, developers aren’t all on the same skill level, nor do they have the same budget. And even engine choices and other elements of the game development process can affect performance on builds of a given game. These considerations are rolled into a process that takes the power of the system into account, and the developer and publisher make a decision on how to approach performance for the game. Not all games will be running at 60 FPS or higher because they want more impressive visuals, that’s understandable.

Sure, some gamers can quibble that a lower framerate makes a stunning visual less so, but that’s a bit of a matter of personal preference. What do you think? Let us know in the comments.

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