How to change your gender in Rust

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Playing as genders other than your born gender or identified gender is not a strange thing in games. Players of all strides might like to shake things up by playing as someone entirely different from who they are. And with games like Rust that offer the chance to adventure with your pals, that might be an appealing option. Characters in Rust are completely random at spawn, which means there’s no direct way to control them. You will seemingly be locked in with the gender choice you’re assigned at birth. The process used to have some solutions though, let’s talk about those. Here’s what we now about being able to change your gender in Rust.

The developer has closed a bunch of loopholes for dealing with this. You used to be able to change your gender in Rust by creating new accounts. You could also use a workaround involving Steam Family sharing to create new accounts and characters. However, Rust can no longer be played through Steam Family sharing, so this is not possible.

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Players and other sources have claimed there to be a workaround, with things like launch parameters possibly being used. So far, nothing has worked. And given all of this, it makes things pretty clear. You cannot do anything and there is nothing you can really do to change your gender in Rust.

There might be options, by some slim chance, to change this in the future. For now though, there’s no way to do it.

Rust hasn’t had the easiest week though, as Facepunch recently lost a ton of user data in a major fire. Thankfully, no one was hurt in said fire.

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