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[DEV POST] Improving The Fitting Experience


Happy new year pilots!

CCP karkur and I, under adult supervision from CCP Tuxford have been experimenting with improving the EVE fitting experience.

The fitting window hasn’t gotten much love since Apocrypha and we really want to address that and make it a powerful and fun tool, move it a bit closer to 3rd party programs like EFT and Pyfa.
We have been looking into features like:

– Allowing pilots to try in the fitting window modules and rigs they own or don’t, to see what effect they have before committing.

– Try before you buy

– Simulating active and overload states of modules, docked or in space. No need to leave the station to see what your hardeners can do.

– More accurate and rich information on attributes in the fitting window.

There are a ton of ideas floating around that could be added to the list, but what would you be interested in seeing that would improve your fitting experience?

Fly safe!

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