How to destroy items in Valheim


Valheim is a complex game. There’s tons of cooking to do. With so many dungeons to explore and items to craft, there’s just so much to find and uncover. You will also find tons of useless junk as well. You can carry it around, but you can only carry so much stuff. And since you will often need to gather crafting resources, it’s better to get rid of stuff you don’t want. You could sell it to a trader, but that involves finding one. For more useless items, it can be a better use of your time to destroy them. Here’s how to destroy things in this game.

If you don’t want to just sell junk off, as it can’t always be worth it, there are some ways to destroy items in Valheim. When you want to completely delete items without hauling them around, there are a few ways of doing that. There’s no direct option to delete an item from the game, at least not yet. The developer may add it in the future though.

You can drop an item into any deep body of water. Any item destroyed in this way will not come back, so be sure of doing this. Any item dropped into a deep bit of water will be immediately despawned after a short wait. This is the fastest way to remove junk from the game if you don’t care about it. There’s a pretty good case for setting up a base and fast travel point near a body of water to quickly run away from your base and take out the trash. This kind of thinking will save you tons of time later in the game.

Alternatively, you can also destroy items in Valheim by using the game’s built-in cheat codes. The cheat console has a ton of options in it, and you can use them to do a bunch of different things. First, press F5 to open the main console. Then, type in “imacheater” to enable cheats. This will unlock the full list of cheats in Valheim. You can then destroy items in Valheim by dropping an item from your inventory. When you want to destroy it, type “removedrops” into the console.

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There is another way around cheating though, and that’s just to forget about an item and leave it somewhere. If you do drop items in an area and then leave it for some time, the items will be removed automatically. Drop any items you don’t want in biomes away from your base and then leave them be for a while. It can take a quite long time to get this done, so it’s not very reliable to get rid of lots of items. You can try and force it by fast traveling around, but it’s a little hard to predict.

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