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What is the release date of Deep Rock Galactic Season 2?

Deep Rock Galactic Basics

Deep Rock Galactic is an incredible cooperative game. Players are already having tons of fun fighting off aliens and claiming tons of cool loot. The aliens are fighting back, and things are getting tough. The quest for rare metals and gems has been pretty deadly, but it’s about to get worse.Players who are expecting more won’t have long to wait, as the team behind the game just made a major announcement.

The first full season of the game featured new game modes and other addons that helped pull players in, now it’s up to the next season to keep them invested. Deep Rock Galactic Season 2 is almost here, and the space dwarves are getting antsy. And it looks like the teaser we just saw has some new and terrifying aliens in it, spooky.

What is the release date of Deep Rock Galactic Season 2?

So when it’s finally coming? Deep Rock Galactic Season 2 starts on April 28 on Steam and May 5 on consoles and the Windows Store. Developer Ghost Ship Games have confirmed this via the official Deep Rock Galactic Twitter account.

The full details of Season 2 will likely be shown off soon. The devs showed off a short trailer, but not much else. There’s precious little to go on right now. We will just have to wait until close to the end of next month to figure this all out.

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